1. Spacereggae

From the recording Universal Understanding

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Spacereggae (Sascha Tschumi, Ivo G. Marcacci) / ISRC: CH9661200014
Ivo G. Marcacci: lyric and vocals, additional music (sampling/programming), arrangement, recording, mixing; Sascha Tschumi from Solothurn (Switzerland): base music


I follow my dreams, I fly into space, yeah. I'm a spaceman, I've lost my clan, Jah Rastafari! That's the spacereggae, yeah! -Jah Rastafari! -I'm a spaceman. -I need more consciousness- Yes, I'm the spaceman, yeah. -I need more consciousness- I'm the spaceman. -I need more consciousness- That's the space-reggae, yeah. -I need more consciousness- Living moments without time, that's not a crime 'cause the health is mine and every soul is divine. -I need more consciousness- More presence of mind -I need more consciousness- and more love I find, oh yeah. I take your hand, together we discover a new land. Yes, I'm the spaceman, yeah. And today I know: Nothing is too far when I'm looking to my star!